Brixon Overseas Ltd

The Manufacturing Partner
for today's leading fashion and readytowear brands.

Your Partner for collection planning, secure production
and growth.

A Creative Hub allowing
teams to dream and inspire
new, innovative directions.

6 specialised multi-disciplinary creative teams across all areas of garment manufacturing


Fully integrated from Design through to manufacturing; Brixon strives to accelerate your process, saving you time and money.


Brixon keeps track of the latest trends from the centre of the manufacturing hotspot of the world. We help you turn your concept into a collection that sells.

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Brixon functions as an innovative development hub based in Hong Kong, acting as a bridge between partners and a wide network of raw material suppliers and factories.

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We provide an affordable and holistic outsourced resource solution to our customers who consider us to be an extension of their own team.

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We are committed to helping our partners achieve their strategic visions and long-term goals with our wide range of production resources, services and expertise.

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Brixon takes ethical manufacturing seriously, and is committed to ensuring that all its manufacturing partners meet the necessary criteria to reflect brands' ethical standards.

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We encourage sustainability to be a team effort from all parties in the supply chain. Suppliers who can't meet the sustainability standards are not chosen for procurement.

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